No Plastic Day 2015 – Sign up NOW!

Hi everyone!  The blog has been quiet for a while!  But we have been busy…


At the end of May, EcoTales were asked to join the London Sustainable Schools Forum at Hampton Hill Junior School at their Sustainability, Outdoor Learning and Science Conference.  We spent the day with teachers from schools from all over London and charities and organisations including the Environment Trust, RSPB, The Darwin Society and Fairtrade.

To end the day, we delivered the keynote speech.  Joe was joined by one of our youth ambassadors, Ruby from Stanley Primary School in Teddington.  She told everyone about the amazing year she had had working with EcoTales.  It was clear from the reaction of the audience that the horrors of plastic pollution are still not widely known and it was important that Ruby, aged 9 was there.  The message about plastic pollution is a powerful one, but even more so when we remember that it is our childrens’ generation that will be more accutely affected by its long lasting effects.

Lottie Farrell, Iner la Frenais, Arton Shala 10

At the conference, we launched our No Plastic Day Campaign.  We had a fantastic response and everyone who visited our stand signed up for our challenge which will take place on 24th June 2015.  It will be a day when schools and young people will ask adults to Say NO to plastic for one day, and discover just how much single use plastic we don’t need in our lives!

Yesterday (Sunday 8th June) was World Oceans Day and we joined Thames 21 and Global Ocean in Hammersmith by the banks of the Thames for a shoreline clean up.  By taking part in events like this, we are even more determined to fight plastic pollution. Wouldn’t it be great if groups and organisations were arranging shoreline clean ups all over the country, all over the world!  What a huge difference it would make, and the impact of everyone doing it on one day would be immense!  That’s why we want as many people to join us for No Plastic Day on June 24th 2015.


And we are going to be working hard to ensure that our No Plastic Day next year will become an annual event and a global one too, and will lead to real change in the way we use and dispose of single use plastic.

Go to our No Plastic Day page on our website and sign up for the challenge NOW!  For more information and to sign up, email us at and there is more information for schools on the NPD Challenge page.  You can also donate on our website and by doing this you will be helping us to raise the funds we need to make No Plastic Day a success.



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