Celebrities & Children of the UK Unite!

celebs pics
Celebrity support for our sixteen and under Plastic Pollution, Poetry and Illustration Challenge is growing fast! We have received amazing doodles and poems by great artists who are joining forces with children around the world to fight plastic pollution! Winners of the Challenge will see their work published alongside the celebrity contributions in an ibook app and printed version designed for children, by children, to help spread their message in the fight against Plastic Pollution…
Jack Johnson's Doodle

Doodle by Jack Johnson for The Monster We Made

Sir David Attenborough has written a poignant forward for the book, with a hopeful message for the children of the world. Here is a sneak preview…

 “We have to act now to try and clear up and repair some of the appalling damage we have made to our oceans. It is going to require positive action, there are simple things we can all do to prevent it getting much worse such as finding alternatives and refusing single use plastic.

If I have to grasp for little threads of hope, one is that advances in technology will allow children from all corners of the planet to talk to each other about what is happening to their Earth, and to start a worldwide protest movement that the people who put plastic in our lives have to listen to.” by Sir David Attenborough, The Monster We’re Making.

To find out how you or your school can get involved visit our entries page. There is a schools pack full of lesson plans and ideas designed to help schools enter the Challenge on our schools page. NOW CLOSED


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