Join us at the NHM this Weekend!


Join Stanleytross and the team at the Natural History Museum for “The Monster in the Murky Depths” and discover how our plastic obsession is effecting the River Thames and beyond.

Darwin Center

We are joining forces with scientist Paul Clark NHM, David Marriott Royal Holloway and Thames 21 at the Darwin Centre.  You will be able to take part in Nature Live Q&A sessions with the scientists, play ‘litter games’ organised by Thames 21 and between 11am and 3:30pm on both days, we want you to bring your plastic bottle tops and help us create a giant ocean scene. The finished piece will become the front cover of our challenge book. The Challenge

Bottle Tops_Whale and Sun

It’s free and there is something for all the family to get stuck into!  Don’t forget to collect your plastic bottle tops and start 2014 by helping us battle the plastic monster we’ve all helped to make! You can read more about Paul and David’s research in this artical in The Gaurdian


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