The EcoTales Shop is Now Open!

Screen shot 2013-11-27 at 22.58.46

After our festival in May and our trip to Parliament in September, we had lots of people complementing us on our EcoTales T-shirts and asking us if they were available to buy. We have to agree, they are pretty cool!


Our classic EcoTales Tshirt

So we decided that we should share them with you!  And whilst we are at it, we thought we would offer you some other products because, well, because we thought you’d like them!  So, we are very happy to present the EcoTales shop.  We might be biased, but a kids’ stainless steel water bottle or a canvas lunch bag, or the classic kids’ tshirt  branded with the super cute EcoTales characters will fit nicely into a Christmas stocking near you!

ecotales_explore_kids_water_bottle   ecotales_canvas_field_bag    ecotales_observe_kids_water_bottle

You will not only be proving what good taste you have, but you will also be making a stand against plastic pollution in buying things that are re-useable.

Visit our EcoTales Shop page and click on the link at the top.  It will take you through to the live shop and then you can go wild!


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