EcoTales joins the Plastic Pollution Coalition


Last month we had a visit from Daniella Russo, Executive Director for the Plastic Pollution Coalition.  The coalition are working hard to bring together groups and organisations from all corners of the globe who are concerned abut the effects of plastic pollution on our lives and the huge impact the plastic we throw away is having on all aspects of wildlife and our ecosystem.

As a result of our meeting, Daniella invited us to join the Plastic Pollution Coalition.  How could we refuse!


Stanleytross pictured here on our visit to Parliament. Our plastic albatross is helping us to highlight the issues of plastic pollution (photo by Caroline Jones Photography)

Now we are members, we can connect with our global partners to make our projects reach distant shores.  It is an exciting development for us. We are now part of a coalition of more than 300 groups and campaigns who work all over the world, and we are glad to add our voice and our pledge to bring us closer to eradicating plastic pollution.

We are looking forward to working with our global partners on future projects.


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