Stanley School Pupils recite Their Plastic Pollution Poem

Pupils from Stanley Primary School in Teddington recite their poem ‘Dear Albatross’ at the EcoTales plastic pollution rally.

Dear Albatross

Dear Albatross I did not know

My plastic things could hurt you so

The bottle tops I sometimes drop

My slurpy, bendy straws

Elastic bands I like to flick

Balloons that twist for birthday tricks

I really had not one idea

That the plastic I see here

On my streets and in my home

Would find its way to where you roam

I did not know that my streets litter

Gets rained into the Thames to flitter

Along its twisty tidal path

Into the sea where its journey starts

To frolic over ocean waves

Until in reaches your domain

Where now I know you think its food

And feed it to your new born brood

Oh Albatross I understand

What plastic does to you is really bad

I promise to recycle things

I would have once put in the bin

And I promise I will never drop

Wrappers from the sweetie shop

But most of all I will refuse

Plastic that only once I use

I will tell one person every day

That plastic never goes away

But finds its way out to the sea

Where creatures eat it for their tea.


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