Plastic Jellyfish and Bottle Birds by Buckland Primary Yr4 Art Club


We want to say a huge thank you and congratulations to Buckland Primary Year 4 Art Club, for the incredible birds and jellyfish they made from milk bottles, bubble wrap and plastic bags.  They are going to look amazing hanging in Orleans House Gardens as part of the sculpture trail at our Festival this Sunday.

Here are some pictures of the artists getting stuck in, and some comments that they made after they had finished their birds and jellyfish.


We cut a v section out of the milk bottle to make the beak making sure we used the whole of the bottle. Then we cut out parts of the bottle to make the wings for the bird, after that we bent the wings and it started to look like a bird.I enjoyed making the whole bird.

It inspired me to use milk bottles to make birds at home rather than throwing them away.

Cade Year 4


bottlesFor the bird we used empty plastic milk bottles and it was kind of easy to do instead of using paper. To make the beak we cut out some more of the bottle into a beak shape.  It would be really good if we all reused plastic more often because it will help the environment.

By Ella yr4

plaitingWe used lots of recycled plastic like plastic bags which we cut into strips, then we plaited them into the tentacles for our giant jellyfish. I liked plaiting because I didn’t know how to do it before.

Harvey year 4



First we cut strips of plastic bags then bubble wrap to make the tentacles.  We reused old plastic bags and bubble wrap to make the jellyfish.  What I enjoyed about making the jellyfish was plaiting the tentacles and saving the environment by reusing plastic bags and bubble wrap.


I felt proud with myself so much for reusing plastic bags and bubble wrap. Now I can go home and tell my Mum or Dad not to chuck some things and reuse them to make something with it. So just by doing that one piece of art work I know that you can reuse anything.

Neve Year 4

I think Neve puts it perfectly!  It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant you think your actions might be – they aren’t, they are HUGE!  Because of all the schools who have taken part in our projects in the Borough, thousands of items of plastic that would have ended up in landfill, have been magically transformed into pieces of art that we will all enjoy and marvel over and we have all learnt more about our incredible world in the process.


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