Introducing Clarendon School’s Seal Sculpture!

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We want to say a big thank you to Anna Hunter and the pupils at Clarendon School for creating this awesome seal! Clarendon is a day community special school for pupils aged 7-16 with moderate learning difficulties and additional complex needs (including Autism).

This is her blog about the project she worked on with some GCSE art students:

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I have been working with a group of students, completing their GCSE art certificate at Clarendon special needs school. Over the past few weeks we have been working together to produce our seal sculpture. We decided to use recycled polystyrene to create our seal.


One of the pupils commented on the amount of polystyrene he had seen floating in the river near his home, so we thought this would be a great material to use to reflect the issue of pollution. Another pupil also thought the polystyrene looked like ice and whilst using our saws and knives to carve into the material we felt very much like ‘ice sculptors’!

photo 3

Taking part in the EcoTales sculpture project has been incredibly rewarding and exciting both for the pupils and staff involved.  In fact the whole school have enjoyed observing the changes to our seal as he has slowly evolved over the weeks.  It has been wonderful to work on such a large scale and provide the students with a hands on, tactile activity.  We are all very proud of our final product and look forward to seeing our seal, in all his splendour on the trail.

Many thanks for allowing us to contribute to your project!  Anna

photo 2-2
Come along and see him up close at the EcoTales Festival on May 5th as well as all the other amazing sea creatures that we have been making with local schools.  Well done Clarendon!

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  1. Wow the seal is so cool!

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