Project Albatross at Stanley Primary


The EcoTales team will be at Stanley Primary School in Teddington this week making a recycled plastic Albatross for our festival art trail. The Albatross is an important addition to the trail as we plan to take ‘Project Albatross’ on a summer tour, to raise awareness of plastic pollution. The pupils of Stanley School will all contribute to the sculpture by each cutting out and attaching feathers from plastic waste they have collected over half term. A number of  children from each year will be recorded reading the accompanying poem ‘Dear Albatross’. The bird will be powered by a hand pedal and the poem will play.

Midway-bird-corpse-2Albatross like many other seabirds are under threat from plastic pollution. The birds mistake floating plastic debris for food and even feed plastic to their young. The birds consume so much plastic that it causes blockages in their digestive system. They die from malnutrition as well as choking. The film ‘Midway’ is currently being made by Chris Jordan.   It reveals the brutal reality of plastic pollution in our seas and oceans. Midway: Message From The Gyre.

We are asking Stanley School parents and pupils to help us name our Albatross.


You can tell us your name suggestions by clicking on the ‘leave a comment’ link below. Let us know your name, class, and what you would like to name our plastic feathered friend.


18 thoughts on “Project Albatross at Stanley Primary

  1. Izzy weaver- stanley school - apple class

    I would like to call the albatross Angus

  2. Arthur Muscroft

    I think the albatross should be called Stanley – Arthur, Apple Class.

  3. Emily Stirling (4S)


  4. Annie Stirling Chestnut class


  5. Meera From Birch and Anusha from am nursery.

    We would like to call the albatross Albert.

    • laurawelsh

      Tilly Welsh, Walnut Class
      Noah as he built an ark to save the animals from the flood.

  6. Lilly Miller 3W

    I would like to call the albatross Big Al

  7. Tilly Welsh, Walnut Class. I’d like to call the albatross Noah as he built an ark to save the animals from the flood.

  8. Annie Cornewall-Walker

    Annie in Cherry class
    I would like to call the albatross Alvin

  9. Danny in Maple class
    i think we should call him cookie

  10. Erin Goodwin from Birch class: I think her name should be Liberty because animals should be free.

  11. Paige Goodwin from 4CT: I think he should be called Flappatross because he flaps his wings to fly.

  12. jade hartland

    Ethan Hartland-Peppiatt from Pine Class. I think that he or she could be called FREEDOM. As I believe birds should be free to roam around.

  13. Ruby Muscroft

    I think it should be called Albert – Ruby, class 3W

  14. Isabella Gomez from Cherry Class

    Abi because it stands for Amazing Bird Inflight

  15. Stanley

  16. Lindsey Dawe

    Stanleytross because he was made in Stanley and he is a albatross

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