Award winning director David Allen joins the EcoTales film challenge panel

Dave Allen Pic

The countdown continues.  There are 111 days to go until the EcoTales film festival on May 5th 2013, and we are all very excited because we’ve just recruited our 3rd brilliant Judge for the film challenge – David Allen.

David is an award winning director working on landmark natural history television programmes for networks on both sides of the Atlantic.  He has won four Emmys and five Wildscreen Pandas, including the much coveted Golden Panda.  He won a best director Emmy in 2005 for his Channel 4 series Bugworld, and his three-part series Deep Jungle stands out as one of PBS Nature’s highest rated series ever and was nominated for 3 Emmys and David’s third Wildscreen Panda.  He has recently directed two BBC Natural World documentaries, My Life as a Turkey and The Unnatural History of London.

We are so excited to have David bring his incredible knowledge, expertise and experience to the panel.

To find out more about the EcoTales film challenge, visit our entries page.  Your film will be watched by some of the most prominent people in the world of wildlife film and photography!  What are you waiting for!


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