EcoTales film festival goes global!


The British School in Muscat, Oman has joined the EcoTales film challenge!  The kids in Year 6 will be incorporating film making into their humanities curriculum which will be focusing on environmental concerns.

It is a brilliant opportunity to witness first hand the effects that plastic is having on the Omani environment.  Oman is lucky enough to have beaches where turtles nest and their oceans are populated with dolphins and whales.  Unfortunately, all of these marine animals are being affected by the vast amounts of plastic that is littering the landscape and the oceans. As one of the teachers from the school explained,

“Oman also has a unique environment of wadis – dry river beds –  as well as beautiful desert sand dunes and mountain landscapes – the impact of plastic waste is considerable.  The greatest issue in Oman is how cheap plastic is, especially plastic bags.  There is a large amount of uninhabited land and therefore the question we are confronted by many here is: why do we need to worry about rubbish when we have the space to deal with it?”

In total, 66 children will work in small groups to make films.  And we hope that some of the young filmmakers will be able to come to the UK and take part in our festival on May 5th 2013.

This is such exciting news and we are so proud to know that the EcoTales campaign is reaching people across the globe.  We can’t wait to see the films and hope it inspires our UK young people to get filming!

To find out more about the British School in Muscat, you can visit their website at

The EcoTales film festival will take place on May 5th 2013 and for more information about how to get involved, please visit our entries page. 


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