Plastic Spotting Challenge

The other morning I set my little boy the challenge of counting all the plastic litter we passed on our way to school. The journey from our front door to the school gate is roughly seven minuets. Keep in mind that just over half of our walk is through a graveyard, which is regally maintained by a grounds man. The shocking truth is, we passed 39 bits of discarded plastic. Not including the countless circles of chewing gum, which to my dismay, I recently found out is also made of plastic! Unbelievable!!!

At the end of the exercise my little boy asked me “Should people who drop plastic go to prison mummy?” To which I asked “Ummmm why?” and he said “because its just going to get washed into a river and then it will get into the sea and then it will kill or all the fish and all the sea animals”. After my wide eyed panic that maybe I’m brain washing my son?! I thought, you know what? He’s not actually wrong!

So my challenge to you is this: Next time you walk to school, or to the park or along the river, or wherever you might be walking, count all the plastic litter you pass. And remember my little boys words, because it will eventually wash away or be blown into a storm drain or river, and it will find its way out to sea, where is will frolic and play in a nasty way, with all the little sea creatures…


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