EcoTales toy packaging challenge!

Right, it’s November 2nd.  Halloween is done, still some left over trick or treat chocolate stashed in the cupboard, and thoughts turn to Christmas!  It’s widely predicted that amongst the top toys for Christmas 2012, Santa will be leaving quite a few of these toys under our trees:  a web shooting Spiderman, Cabbage Patch Kids (hang on, weren’t they all the rage 30 years ago?) a huge Nerf blaster gun, the inevitable Moshi Monsters and oh yes, Barbie and all the trimmings!

Great!  That’s the shopping list done then.  But hang on, something else that will be deposited in great quantities underneath the christmas trees and in the stockings will be all the un-necessary packaging that comes with the toys.  I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been able to find a stocking big enough to hold some of the massive boxes that surround the tiny toys nestled within.

It is a dilemna that most of us have.  We want to buy the things that our children want and if this means adding to the plastic mountains out there, then so be it.  But perhaps we are under-estimating our children. Maybe they also want to feel like they are helping to save their planet. Maybe, foregoing the very plastic double web shooting Spiderman in his plastic packaging prison or Barbie in her blister packed finery is their way of playing their part.

Well, we can at least make a start!  We want to find the best toys (preferably not plastic) with the least packaging and at the best prices.  Send us your photos via our Facebook page  or tweet us @EcoTales and let us know where you’ve found them, how much they were and who manufactured them. If you’ve got any websites that you would like to recommend that would be great.

Happy shopping everyone!


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