Did you know you can knit with plastic bags!

More than 4 billion plastic bags are thrown away each year!  These bags will take 1000 years to break down and even then they will never completely disappear.  We all have a drawer or a cupboard that is crammed full of bags which stay there until they start to take over the kitchen, and then we tend to just throw them away. Of course, the right thing to do, is to take them to the recycling station at a local supermarket, and then invest in some reusable bags.  But somehow, those bags always creep back into our lives.

Please, don’t throw them away.  Get creative and start a new project.  These bags can be transformed into something beautiful.  You can actually knit with them and create your own unique and brilliant reusable shopping bag!  A quick search on the internet will give you hundreds of images and patterns and advice about how to knit using plastic bags.  These pieces really did start their life as a humble plastic bag!   It’s brilliant and inspiring.  

So the team at EcoTales are going to give it a go.  We’ll let you know how we get on.  If you’ve made anything from your redundant plastic bags, please send us your pictures and if anyone has any advice or patterns, please share them with us.  How about a waterproof cape for your kids, or some decorations?  The possibilities are endless…


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