Eco Drinking


EcoTales has teamed up with A Fine Choice to promote eco drinking bottles. Last year in the UK alone, we threw away enough plastic water bottles to circle the earth twice! So simply purchasing a stainless steel reusable bottle really can make a huge difference.

You can order a range of reusable products from the A Fine Choice website, and if you use the promotional code of ecotales, you’ll receive a 10% discount and help support next year’s festival!


2 thoughts on “Eco Drinking

  1. We spoke at the Richmond Sustainability Conference. Please can you tell me how I would contact you to come in and work with Barnes Primary School. We would love to incorporate the work that you do with our sustainability film making initiative this year. Many thanks, Sue

    • Hi Sue, thanks so much for getting in contact. If you call Louise on 07766 815 974, she will organise a time for us to come in that suits you. Best Wishes Joe

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