Project Gloop

Gloop is currently taking the film festival circuit by storm! We are pleased to announce that Gloop will be our 2013 festival theme and this will be reflected in our art trail and film workshops.

Project Gloop aims to reduce the use of plastic by highlighting the problems and offering solutions.

Join Our First Mission: Ban The ‘PLASTIC’ Bottle!

Harmful Effects to Marine Life: Disposable plastic bottles have a short life span in your hand but can roam around our seas and oceans for 450 years, slowly breaking up. Marine life mistake broken pieces of plastic for food, resulting in choking and digestive blockages. Seabirds such as the albatross see bottle tops as food and feed them to their young.

Harmful Effects to Humans: When left in heat or sunlight, toxic chemicals used in plastic bottles leach into the liquid they hold. Some of these chemicals are linked to cancer, diabetes and liver disease. One chemical mimics the female hormone oestrogen, reducing the male sperm count. The effects of others are yet to be tested. Plastic chemicals are so prolific in the food chain that scientists have even found plastic toxins in newborn babies.

Be Safe: Drink toxic free. Help to reduce the plastic pollution in our oceans by purchasing a reusable stainless steel drinking bottle. Remember, as consumers we have the power to make a difference!

To watch ‘Gloop’ visit


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